Jennifer Birt's Wedding & Grooms Cake

It is always a honor when asked to bake someones wedding cake, and double fun when asked to do the grooms cake too.

The top layers was all chocolate as well as the grooms cake. The center layer is white cake filled with strawberry filling - yummy. The bottom layer is 1/2 chocolate and 1/2 white cakes. I seldom know how it is all going to come together till I get to the wedding and finish set up. The flowers the bride choose for this cake was perfect and just set if off perfectly. I was as excited about the turn out as the family was.

The groom loves the outdoors, hunting, fishing, riding cycles and 4 wheeling - so he got an outdoors cake with toy cycle! The trees are large pretzels, sugar cones and frosting! The "water" is piping gel colored blue.  The rocks are made out of gray and black tinted white chocolate fondant. The "dirt" is crushed graham crackers, coco puff cereal and a bit of brown sugar mixed.

The cake was set up in the house then carried out when it was time to cut, as it was such a hot day, we didn't want the cake melting!

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