Isn't she just the cutest thing ever? I made this for my grand-daughter Sadie's birthday gift.
Here is a close up of her face.  Lilly has a heart embroidered on her chest. Lilly stands about 19" tall. She is crocheted out of cotton yarn.
She took me about 5 weeks to make. Ya a little slow I know, but when you have very few evenings to sit and relax to get something like this done it takes longer then necessary. The pattern is easy, except for the dress. I had a bit of trouble with the count on the dress and started it/ripped it out, started it/ripped it out, 3 times! So I quit and made up my own. So the shape is a bit different then the original design, but it fits, it works, and it is still stink'in cute as can be. I got the pattern free from the Lilly patterns site (do a goggle search to find the site)  - that is where "Lilly" got her name. Will I make another? Maybe... I usually don't like doing multiples of projects - they become work instead of pleasure to me. Hope you love her, like Sadie does.

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