This post is all about turning that stash of trash into a treasure again.  These calendars are from a 365 tear off a day type calendar that was given to me from a past co-worker...oh about 4 years ago. Pathetic right! So check out the next few shots of some anniversary cards I made using a few of the pictures. I incorporated the napkin trick to this, but the paper from the calendar was a bit thick to get the the right look, so I opt to just glue it on using the Stampin' Up! adhesives.
This lighthouse  was the first card done on watercolor paper and I kinda dry brushed the background. I am not really happy with the background paint job, but covered it up with a few swirls and just went with it. It will be fine - someone will love it...well they better! It's ok that the artist isn't happy with it, but the on lookers better love all handmade things given. At least to your face right?! Ha!

I am happy with this one. All I did was layer the papers, tie a ribbon, stamped a few swirls and added some sappy verse that was on the calendar and 30 second card ready to send. Look for more card samples using this trick in the next post. Happy Stamping!

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