Paper Bows

Do ya just love this? Want to make this? Well read on my dear friends. You will need one 6"x12" double sided background paper. Cut the paper on the short side: you will need eight 1"x6" strips.

Then turn your left over paper 90 degrees and cut one strip 1"x4". This is the smallest strip needed and will be the center loop of the bow.
Then turn your paper 90 degrees again and cut four 1"x5" strips. This will be the smaller loops that will go just under the center loop.
Once all the strips are cut, glue the ends together and form into a loop. The center of the bow is formed into a ring (see top picture). All the longer strips are formed into loops.
You can make the loop at the tip tight or loose. I seam to like it tighter as it makes for a cleaner, more compact bow.
Now punch a hole in each end and in the center of the seam on the center ring.

You will need a larger brad with the longer prongs. You can find them at the office supplies stores or departments. I like to start from the center top ring and work to the bottom of the bow. The way the pretty brad is seen in the center inside ring of the bow instead of the prongs. So once you have the holes punched, put the brad on the inside of the ring.

Add the 4 smaller loops on the brad, under the bow center ring. Once pointing east, one west, one north, one south -get it? See the picture.

Then add four more loops and point them in between the first four loops see picture. Then you will add the last four loops and those will be under the first smaller four.
Turn bow over and open brad brings. You can add some pop dots for ease of attaching to package.

Wa-la -- you have beautiful paper bow.

Hope you make many pretty bows for yourself. They just take a few minutes once you get started. Hey book a workshop with me this month a get a hostess gift of a bag full of handmade paper bows as an added gift to all the great things you can earn from Stampin Up!.
Enjoy - Deb

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