Cinnamon Honey Butter

This yummy bowl of goodness is so - well I let you fill in the blank once you make yourself a bowl full. I made this to go on croissants for our Valentine Lunch. I don't remember who posted or where this originally came from - but thank you to the wonderful person for sharing.

 I love Texas Road House - maybe cuz I was born in Texas or cuz the food is good, or cuz I just really like the dinner rolls and the brown buttery cinnamony goodness that is served with those yummy rolls. So if you like that heavenly lick it off your fingers yummy melted goodness- here is the recipe! I know you love me about right now, right?

In a bowl beat together the following:

1 C of the real deal butter, softened at room temp.
1 C Powder Sugar
1 C Honey
2 Teaspoons Cinnamon (personally next time I make this I will be adding more cinnamon - cuz it makes everything taste better)

Whip till smooth and somewhat fluffy. Pour into a serving bowl, refrigerate a bit to set, then use on the special dinner table. Or pour into a bowl with a good sealing cover and refrigerate till ready to use. If ya let it sit till hard, then you could scoop with a fancy butter scooper thingy and make fancy butter curls. (How ya like my description of cooking tools, hence the lack of professional cooking school). But, if the curls get to warm they may loose their shape. So serve the curls cold.  Enjoy!

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