Cinnamon Roll Waffles

 Like eating reduced fat cinnamon rolls will help anything - but that is what I had on hand so here goes the experiment. I saw this of somewhere on line and thought to myself, self.... "yum" I thought I better spray the iron first. I then opened up the roll and placed one on the waffle iron center and closed the lid, but I had to squish it closed so the roll would flatten out  a little more.
 I let it stay in the iron just a few seconds longer then the auto done light said. Being that the roll is a bit thicker then what waffle sauce would be.
 Oh my heavens may I say yummy? Yummy yummy yummy! Since the rolls themselves are not super sweet adding butter and maple syrup was awesome on them. Now I have the frosting hiding in the fridge for yet another experiment to come.... of course unless I sneak in there and drizzle it on my tongue!
Candace and Rebecca loved them. Kid approved, mom's work lightened, it a start to a really great day! Hope you experiment with them too. Let me know what'ca think by leaving a comment below.

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