Rose Hair Clips

I love felt, and felting Goodwill wool sweaters, and sewing with felt, and crafting with felt. I love  all things felt! I found some little hair clips at the $ store (6 for a $). I have been wanting to make some of these adorable rolled felt roses. Plus Stampin Up has these new amazing large Pearl Jewels and wanted to craft with those too. So this is what I came up with. Like them... well I love them and so did my girls. Read on to learn how to put these cute rose hair clips together.

 Cut the felt in a circle and then spiral cut the circle like this shot. I started with a 3x3 square and just trimmed it down. You can make these any size to fit your project needs. Make larger ones for wreaths and smaller one for cards.
 Starting at the outside of the circle roll up the felt tight.
 Till you get this. Cuteness huh! The last little bit at the end of the inside of the circle will just lay on the bottom of the rose. Its like magic - well sorta - well not really - but it is so nice to see it all fit like it was made to!
 I hot glued the bottom edges of the roll rose to the flat little center of the circle and made a nifty little bottom to the rose.
 See, isn't this just awesome. The below shot is a shot of the bottom.
 Cut out leaves from green felt and glue to hair clip, glue on flower to top of leaf.
 Now here comes the Amazing pearls. they have sticky on them already, however being I was using this on my favorite felt (told ya already how much I love felt, right) I hot glued a pit in the center of the rose and added the pearl.
 Just look at this bouquet of great felt rose clips. Want some, and not time to make them, or not really crafty? I can make them for you in any color for just $3 each. Contact me to place your order.
 Now to these AMAZING large Pearls. You can fine them here on my website. The pearls are listed on page 8 on the site. They are also shown in the mini catalog on page 2,. #125577 Lg Pearl Basic Jewels $4.95 for 40 pearls. Great price, great product. LOVE THEM - ya got to get some.
Hope you enjoy and make some great little felt roses for yourself. Happy Crafting!

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