Dryer Balls & Blog Candy Give-A-Way

You can save money on dryer sheets for the next 5 years! Yep that's right.... 5 years. How many loads of laundry do you do in 5 years? Well I would do about 1040 loads of laundry in that time, that's about 4 loads a week. Wow that's depressing huh! So how much would it cost for one dryer sheet for that time? Well heck if I know, cuz I cut my sheets in half and tossed the box and don't remember the cost - so you figure it out and post the cost in a comment below for me - k. Hey what about a Give-A-Way?

Leave a comment below with the following info:
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                  Tell me what it would cost you for 5 years use of dryer sheets.
                   Remember to add your name/email to the comment too, so I can contact you when you win!

When your comment/entry is complete I will enter your name in a drawing for a free set of Dryer Balls. As my sweet Aunt Olga would say, "if its free, its me". So hurry drawing will be on April fools day! Really - no fool'in!

How stink'in cute are these? 
Here is the how too make your own: I found a 100% wool sweater at Goodwill, washed in really really hot water in a pillow case to capture all the fuzz that comes with washing wool in the washing machine. Air dried. Cut the sweater in strips and then rolled the strips super duper tightly in a ball to about the side of a golf ball. Then I get some pretty colored wool roving and wrapped the roving about the wool sweater tight too, till it is about the side of a tennis ball. Then I shoved that baby in an old panty hose leg and tied it up really tight like you would when making sausage.... if ya have ever made sausage. I never have - but this was quite the fun experience. You know it doesn't take much to entertain a stay at home mom/Stampin up Creative Coach these days! So then after all the balls are tied up, you wash the ball rope again in really really (yes I did said it twice again) hot water. You can add them to a load of laundry if ya want to save on a load. Dry in dryer and wash/ dry one more time. Clip/Snip and rip them babies out of the panty hose. You end up with these lovely little balls. Pretty cool huh! Because of the wool they collect and release moisture slowly reducing the static in the dryer, and the bouncing softens the clothes too. And most importantly you have no need for chemical filled dyer sheets for up to 5 years. Yes, yes you add all 3 balls to each load to dry. So they can just live in the dryer. You might want to put a sticky note on the dryer front with the date you put them in, and count 5 years forward so you know when you will need to replace them.

Don't want to make them: You can purchase a set of 3 from me for $7 ($3 shipping). That is about the cost of 2 boxes of the good dryer sheets.  Order here


  1. I think they are super cute. I don't have any friends besides you and Amber...does that count? I would say dryer sheets would be about $30 a year, $150 in 5 years? ~ Nikki T

  2. Hi ya Debbie!
    I thought I could help out a little! The average dryer sheet costs $.05 each!! Great blog! Thanks for the tut!!