Porch Pillows Before & After

I love before and after pictures in everything, don't you. It is great to see what it was and what it became. It is so inspiring to me. So I have hated these pillow from the day then came home with our back porch furniture. The furniture cushion color is not my favorite too, but the furniture is so comfortable - I do love it, and can live with the color now that I have a after to show you. I brought home a very large blue rug from dads, and a beautiful lace table cloth, and had some blue odds and ends, like a lamp and pot that I really liked. So I thought to myself - "self" how about matching the blue stuff with some fabulous blue fabric and cover those ugly pillows.
Ta-da! What do you think? Aren't these just beautiful? Well you don't really have to agree, but I am super duper happy with the turn out and the color and the patterns and the loveliness of it all!
I have five of the twelve done... yes you read that right twelve. Twelve times the ugly. So when they are all done I will update and share more pictures. I am doing the happy dance over this project. Can ya see me? No? Good! giggle - giggle. Ya maybe one of these days I will cover the cushions too.

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  1. Beautiful pillows ... after! :) Blue is my favorite color and I really love the fabric you chose! I also like to see before and after photos! :) Thanks for sharing.