Birthday Gift

 A sweet friend is celebrating her birthday this week, and I thought I would bake and fill some cupcakes for her. Raspberry Lemonade, Bavarian Cream Chocolate and Vanilla with butter cream frosting. I know I should have taken the picture after wrapping them, but when I went to take the wrapping off it was becoming a mess, and thought - well snap the shot and leave them be.
 I glued the candle stick to the cute red plate using E6000 glue. Let set over night, and you have instant cake plate. She will (I hope) love it, as she entertains many in her home. So this will come in use a lot.
Made the cute little cup cake flags too! And you know it was with all Stampin Up products. Pennant Punch and background papers.  Nothing screams" love you" as a homemade, home baked gift.
Happy Day!

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