Desk Before & After

 Emily needed a new desk in her apartment. Well have ya ever just asked for something ya need from your friends or family? I was reading a blog post about saving money and it was explained that before you go out an buy, ask your loop of contacts for the things you need, you just might score some really great stuff for free. Someone's trash is another's treasure. Like this great old unneeded desk. Thank you to my dear friend Pam Wright for giving this treasure to Emily. It is solid wood. The perfect size for study and crafting/sewing.  One of the drawers was stick shut. So after about 1/2 hour and a yard stick we got the coloring book to turn loose of its grip and was able to get the drawers open.  "It has great bones", well that is what I hear designers say when they find great stuff! Grandpa glued a drawer back together. Dad nailed the trim back in place and reattached the back panel. Emily took off the knobs, sanded the desk and.....
 Here is a shot of the top. Ya it was very well loved. But after sanding it.....
... put on a fresh new (few) coats of paint. Here is the trash turned to treasure.

 The top never knew what had been done to it in the past.
Perfect! Emily has a chair that matches and wants to strip and stain, and make a chair seat cushion too! Hope this inspires you to seek others trash and turn it into your own treasure.

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