FREE Trip from Stampin Up

We were welcomed by this in the front of the Westin Hotel and Resort.

We took a walk on the beach every day and sometimes twice a day. The water was warm and the the weather was perfect.

Our room was great, comfy and nice bed. They gave the best soaps and shampoo/conditioner and Starbucks coffee in the room. Big screen TV - only used while napping.. ha!

Our view from our 5th floor balcony room. Ahh  vacations are so wonderful.

We went here and shopped and eat a great seafood lunch. Walked along the pier too.

Some of our beach finds. Including a bag of shells that have a new home in Indiana.

Hilton Head SC is so beautiful.
We sat here every day almost all day. Soaking in a little sun, lots of fresh air and forgetting about the rat race of life. Ahhhhh.....

I rested, and read almost four books while gone. We dinned on some amazing tasting food. Especially at the Sea Grass Grill. Oh my yummy! The veggies were grilled, chilled then tossed in a salad - yum. The filet was the best I ever tasted and huge with a scoop of Gorgonzola butter on top. Oh and then the Key Lime Cheesecake. Yep they combined two of my favorites.  It made your tongue slap yourself it tasted so amazingly good!  I think Bobby had his fill of seafood for a few weeks too! 
We enjoyed this vacation so much it was hard to come back home.  It was a "do nothing" and "be still" for six days kind of vacation. Thanks to you my customers and the amazing company I work with, Stampin Up, for this time of rest and relaxation. I was ready to come back home and get busy... well no not really,  I was ready for another vacation like this! ha! 

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Happiness is a Free Vacation!

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