Wrappings and Bow

A dear young lady is getting married this month and she is using daisys for flowers, so I though how fitting to stamp the wedding gift to match the theme. I have a roll of newspaper before it is printed on and just cut off a piece of it, stamped it, and wrapped the gift. Well having ink and card stock in matching colors (Stampin Up is so great) I matched the bow to the paper. Stamped a few extra flowers, cut them out and made a note card to match and  a bit of a decoration for the bow center. Super cute huh?!?  Can you see this for your Christmas wrappings? You can pick up rolls of new newsprint paper at your local newspaper offices. I can get them in our town for a buck a roll, and there is usually lots left on the roll. You know the "3 R's" I refer to sometimes... reduce, reuse, and recycle... well here is another one of those "3 R" goodies!
Happy Stamp Wrappings!

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