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Slider for Gum

Super cute and easy treat holder. I purchased Trident gum in that comes in the bubble packages and made them into a slider package. You will need a 3"x 8 1/2" piece of card stock. Fold that in half and put sticky strip tape on both long sides. Once this is folded in half it becomes a little pocket. Then punch a hole where the ribbon will go in at the open end of the pocket. You will need a good amount of ribbon that will go all the way around the gum package and stick out a bit to tie in a knot. Thread the ribbon in the hold, then push the gum package so the ribbon will feed into the pocket too. Once you have the gum package in place, tie the ribbon ends in a knot. When you pull the ribbon out, the gum will come out with it. Decorate as you please. I love this new stamp set from Stampin Up!. You can get all the supplies at
This was my inspiration I received in a swap years ago. Super cuteness!
Happy Treat Giving!

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