Before and After Mirrors

I have some before and afters to share with you today. 
This is the before bathroom shot. I almost forgot to get the picture. You can see the mirror on the wall in its before state. My sweet son made the shelf - oh don't ya just love it. I do! And it will be going back in there once we are done with this room. We are almost 100% done with it, and so I will post the before and afters of the bathroom when it is all done. 

But I did want to share the mirrors before and after.  This is one of two mirrors that we have had since we were first married. A friend gave them to me and I just love them. They were gold when we got them and we painted them this creamy light tan color and had them over our bathroom sinks for years. Well since we are just about done in the bathroom and had replaced the fixtures and such with brushed silver. And after putting in all the creamy light tan tile, it was to much creamy light tan. So we gave them a good spray!

Ohh I love it. so fresh, new and perfect for the new bath. I can't wait to show you the finished bath. Stay tuned.

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