Convention Hightlights

 This is the stage in all its glory. There where huge screens on both sides, and more huge screams in the middle of the room for those sitting at the back.
 This is Shelly the co founder. Funniest thing this year is she said "fart" on stage. She was teaching stamping ideas to just about 6000 demonstrators, and had forgotten something needed to complete the project, couldn't fine it and out spilled the word! Boy did the crowd get a good belly laugh over that one.
 Here is my down line Dawn Griffith walking away with many many awards. She was in the top 10 in sales and that is just the beginning of the list.

 Here I am with a few of my down line team. Cindy, Ronnel, and Dawn. They are all showing off there gifts we all traded. Yes I look like death warmed over - it was a tiring three days, but a blast.
 This guy sang the convention theme song and he is from America's Got Talent. I hope he wins, the song and his voice was amazing.Sorry I don't remember his name.

 This was one of my top favorite spots of convention. Our special visit from Ronald McDonald. As many of you know we support the Ronald McDonald houses across the nation, and we along with your help have raised over a million dollars to support the houses. Pretty cool huh!

Have you ever seen a clown cry.... well we did. And he had all 6000 in attendance crying along with him.  He was telling us a story of one of the little girls that was in the hospital and her family was able to use the house to be close to her. The little girl is not with us on earth any more, but his story touched each of us. So thanks you all of you who have purchased the special stamp set that helps to support the Ronald McDonald Houses.
 Here we are at the Melting Pot for our final farewell dinner.
  We picked up this guy along the road somewhere! Hah not really, this is Dawn's husband Richard. He is well trained in convention going. He is pretty awesome. He goes with her for most of her stampin travels, carries all the bags, holds open doors, and what ever she needs.
 We had some flaming dessert.... oh my that was the best part of dinner.
Here is my sweet convention buddy Karen Huber. She was a trooper with her broken foot. The walk back to the room was a few blocks so I put her in a chariot fit for a queen! Spending time with friends was really the best part of convention.

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