Crown Before and After

 We had a big hole in the living room for a night. This corner was never right! Well after getting into it, we found that the framing wasn't even connected correctly, and it caused the dry wall to move and the paper and tape to wrinkle, and crack and look horrid. No picture could ever cover it either. So we stared at that mess for 16 years!  The rip off artist that built the house would never come back to make things right.
Pretty  huh! There was lots of patching and nail pops that happened in adding the new garden room off the back of the house. I don't usually paint in white spots on the wall! Ha! I save that for stamping projects.
 Well here is the new crown molding. Oh my gosh it made the room look bigger and more grand. We love it. When I got home from work the day that Pat completed it.... I walked in, mouth gaping, and said, "oh my, it is so big!". Pour Pat had a worried look, thinking it wasn't what I wanted. I then said, "it is so beautiful". He breathed a sign of relief and said I am glad you changed the "B" word. I was so impressed, it is so beautiful. It is exactly what I wanted, just a bit bigger then I had expected, even though we picked all the wood out and saw it before it went up. I didn't picture it so grand.
 This is the new paint color too. A bit more tan and lighter then the old. It is ok, it is growing on me. Handsome really likes it. So that makes me happy, because it really didn't care for the old color. Once I cover it up with painting and picture and stuff ya won't see much of it! haha. I am just glad it matched and border, and super happy we were able to save it!
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