Before and After Garage or Stamp Pad?

So you remember seeing this shot of the Stamp Pad a few weeks ago?
 And this one with our amazing contractor in it and where the garage door was taken out?
 Well here is the beautiful finished wall with two great big windows. We even have the white wooden blinds up. Isn't it great not to have the garage door in there. What a huge difference. I don't know why I waited so long to give in to handsome when he has wanted to get that door out of there for years. Guess he knew that I was never going to give up my craft room and give him back the garage!
Here is the north wall with it's new window in it. You can see I am going from the (old) certainly celery paint to the (new) barely banana. Both old ink color names from Stampin Up. Funny huh! The new yellow is really Belgian waffle. I cannot wait till we are done and I can eat Belgian waffles in it! The paint makes me happy. It is light, bright and I just want to hug mine and your new and almost done Stamp Pad. I hope you will come visit and play in it when we are all done.

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