Before and After

 The top picture is the great room door before....
The lower is the great room door after. Our amazing contractor put in a 10" telescoping door. We wanted a bigger door, or more windows or something that was nicer then what was there. This is what Pat suggested. Pretty amazing huh! We love it. We wanted a door so if we wanted to close off the noise box TV we could shut the door and sit in the new garden room in peace. And if we have guest, they could nap on the couch in peace too. You can take a peek into the new garden room from here too. Not to much - there is stuff laying every where in there waiting on The Stamp Pad remdle to be completed.

Oh and notice the beautiful crown and dental molding too. New paint on the walls too. I know, I know.... you think I have been goofing off with the lack of posts! Ha Ha!
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