Marker Layering

Isn't this just stunning. This pretty is a bit time consuming, but the out come is so worth it. If you love to color then this is the card for you. This is using the marker layering technique. Oh and notice the hand made envelope - using the awesome handy dandy envelope punch maker. Oh I love that tool, ya got to get one - is is so stink'in cool!

Ok on to the technique. Using black stazon ink. I stamped the poinsettia. Let the ink dry. Why the stazon ink you ask. Cuz I like it and it will not smear or bleed when coloring.

There are two ways you can do this technique. If you have many shades of green and red, you can use them and if you have just one red and one green then you can use that. First color in the leaves with the lightest shade of green or the only shade of green you have. Then color over the last that you colored (with the mid shade of marker, or a second layer) but color just the part of the leaf that is midway from the tip to the flower, then color a third time (with the darkest green marker, or a third layer on the same maker) just close to the leaves. Each layer of color will be darker then the first. Do the same for the red flower area.

Super easy. Take a closer look at the photo and see the difference in the color, how it gets darker the closer it gets to the center of the flower, and the closer the leaf is to the flower. Make sense? Clear as mud right.

I used gray around the outer leaves to highlight and pop the poinsettia off the page. You can use any pale maker color to do that little trick. The card and the envelope differ a little. I wanted to show what it would look like if you filled in the back ground with the green as in the card, or the gray as on the envelope. I used a gold marker from last years mini to till in the flower center dots. 

Experiment, try it, you will get the hang of it. Not all markers are created equal, so if you are having difficulty with this, maybe a purchase to the Stampin Up store for a few markers would help! You can get them HERE.

Oh and don't forget that Amazing handy dandy Envelope punch maker too. Can you tell I love this tool... I am going on and on and on about it. You have to get it, It is $19.95 which is a steal for such a great tool. You can use scrapbooking papers, newspaper, magazine pages, old calendars,  the kids art work, fabric, paper sacks, and more to make your envelops out of. H
View a flyer HERE

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