Baby Quilt

I did it! I marked one thing off my bucket list.... you may think this is really weird and maybe a little silly ... well maybe not, if you are a hard core crafter! I made and finished my very first quilt! Yep and finished! And I love love love it. I used flannels (my most favorite fabric) and bubble fleece. The pattern is super quick and easy. I had it done in about oh 6 or so hours. It is so soft and so perfect for our newest granddaughter Pheobie. She turned one in Nov, and made it threw brain surgery with flying colors. We got even grater news that she doesn't have the chromazone that would have caused her to have many more surgery's. But she is all better, all healed, and doing just wonderful. God is so good! I wanted to make her a quilt from grandma so every time she is wrapped in it, she is getting hugs from me.

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