Fall Glitters

Fall.... we are still in freezing Winter! Well I like working ahead and this made me fill warm when all the outside is so cold. So I hope it warms you up a bit too.

Are you tired of all the ATC shares? Well I have this one and just one more to share. The theme was fall glitters... I found it to be an odd theme, but so fun to do once I got started. Who said fall can't glitter and shine? I used water color pencils for the painting of the tree, grass, pumpkin and sky. Then I used the mica watercolors for the "leaves" and tapped a bit on the ground as if some were falling. the triangles and dots are my artistic push for leaves....3-D leaves! Ha Ha, the truth of the matter is there were left overs from die punches from other projects I just couldn't toss, so hey... glitter leaves they become and perfect for the glittery fall!

1 comment:

  1. Oh no... Not tired you you sharing. Please keep on. And I love your glitter tree. Those small glitter triangles are just so cute...
    Thank you for sharing.
    Hugs from SPAIN