Have you noticed that everything you read and hear is all bout starting the new year all organized. Really? If ya think about it organization is an ongoing all year battle for most. And if you are a crafter... do we really know the meaning of the word? Ok, there are a few out there in the craft world that is clean, neat, and everything in its place! Not me, but I try.

I thought you might like to see a few ideas on how I organized a little bit in my new studio.
I love antiques. I just wish I could afford all I want. I picked up this little drawer while vacationing in PA. It was just $8 and filled the bill that I needed to hold all the things I used 100 times a day. You know glue, snips, and such. I also found the little metal baskets 1/2 off at a craft store near me and got the last two. (so sorry) They are not antique but look like it. Great to hold pens, aqua painters and things.
This old type setter drawer stands behind the the 100 x use drawer with the stamps I grab the most. It is nice to have those close at hand when designing cards.These sit to my right at my stamping work station. It makes me happy!
And so does this new antique find. It is another type setter drawer I picked up on sale for $11. It was really really dirty, gross, like it had been setting in someones old barn for a decade. And it had that tacky putty sticky icky stuff in each little hole. Oh my goodness it was a bear to get cleaned up. But for $11 and 180 degree water, two tooth brushes and 2 hours later I have this gorgeous art on the wall, and a place to put all those loose little wonderful stamps.

So my thoughts are look for things that are out of the ordinary and use them for something everyday ordinary... like storing stamps! I know type setter drawer were used for a type of stamp.... not so different from its original use, but Candace uses the one in her room for her mom and grandmas' thimble collection. 

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