Please no more orginazation

 Please just one more... well for now anyway.

I love jars. I love shiny sparkly new and old warn out antique jars. I have buttons, ribbon, do dads, pins, bells, bling stones, beads, you name it in jars. I even have an old collection of crochet hooks from my Nana and Nana great in a old antique jar. I can look at it and remember all the beautiful things they made using them... instead of them hidden away forgotten about in a drawer or box somewhere.
What do you use to display your favorite cards or inspiration board. I stapled chicken wire inside an old wooden frame and attached it to the outside of my craft closet door using those "Command Hooks". The frame is light weight and there is nothing really heavy on the inspiration door.

Ya it is pretty cool. I love it too!

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