Snowed In

Snowed in and almost loving it! Almost was until the power went out and stayed out for 28 hours.
Here is the Buchanan official measurement! Good heavens that is a lot of snow! The most snow we have seen at one time in a long time.
 The joy came by watching these critters out the new back room. It was like sitting "outside" in the middle of a white winter wonderland. We were surrounded by beauty, white every where, birds ever where, the entertainment lasted till dark.

 It was the best TV program we ever watched!

There were 30-40 birds eating the seed we put out all day for the past forever snow days! I need to get some more seed! My dad spends most of his day watching the birds.

I painted this one! Ha it sure looks like it has been painted. Praise to God for His beauty and the talent He shares with us.

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