Life would be flat

This is a gift for Candace's music teacher.... kinda great don't ya think. This is a true oh my gosh what am gonna do with this mess creation!

I started out by painting some poppies... well you can see the remits of the red and green paint in the back ground... they turned out like well..... lets not talk about what they turned out like. I think I am better with a pencil then a paint brush.

I covered that mess up with gesso... well that left bumps in the canvas because of the first mess....

So I covered it with a layer of torn double sided designer series paper and did a light layer of gesso over that. Well it was to wet and my paint brush was pulling the paper up... oh my gosh it almost went in to the trash.

But I thought to myself, SELF, what would Cindi Estes do? She is the queen of multi media layer art. So I laied down my paint brush and rubbed that curling lifting paper till I had even a bigger mess on my hands, fingers, clothe,s work station, hair.... well all it did was pull the front layer of the double sided designer paper up, and left the other side so the back ground words are back-wards! Good grief! By the way when did the word good and the word grief go together? It is such an oxy-moron!

Ok, so I let that mess dry and went and cleaned myself up a bit. Came back to it determined to get something worth while out of the mess I made. I used a stenciled and sponged some ink on it, THEN got the stupid sponge to wet and sponged more paint, (watery paint) over the stencil and now it looks like spilled coffee grounds... well at this point it was just perfect.... A PERFECT MESS!

I let it dry and thought come up with a simple saying, so I painted the little greeting, thanks pintrest, and got out my Stampin Up Music wheel, wheeled in Staz-On Black Ink a bit of music notes. I almost stamped my Amazing Grace music sheet stamp on it, as I was given some AMAZING GRACE getting this project completed!

So what a lesson... Without Music (or my mess) life would be flat and I wouldn't have experienced the grace it took to complete this one. I think I like less messier, less complicated projects. Will I make another one... Not on your or my life! I will paint or pencil another... but I don't think I will to this messy again.... ha ya, open mouth insert foot... stay tuned and see what happens next in the Stamp Pad messy adventure!

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