Painted ipad Cover

 This is my old ipad cover that I haven't been using. I like the stability and strength of it, but don't really like the plain gray boring-ness. So I quit using it and bought a new one that I love the design buy had the flimsy floppy-ness of it. So.... since I had my paint brushes wet yesterday... and idea come to me! Hey do something with that boring ipad cover. And no loss if it didn't turn out, I wasn't using it anyway - right!
 Well here is my new (old) ipad cover all painted up. I love love love it by the way, and have put my ipad back inside.
I used some fabric paint and created a design of a few of my favorite flowers and swirls, curls and a bow. And- Yah I have a new updated, oh my gosh am I happy with it, ipad cover! Whoot Whoot, don't cha just love it when a plan comes together. Never under estimate with a dab of paint will do for your day.


  1. Beautiful cover Deb! Love the swirls and flowers. Gone is the dull and blah! Hello beautiful!

    1. btw found out (the hard way) if you hit the paint with you heat tool the paint will be set into the fabric and won't flake or come off at all. I don't know what the case is made of or how much heat it can take so maybe just using the blow dryer would work. Heat from the dryer sets the paint in clothing or ironing will so it doesn't have to be the 1400 deg from a heat tool.

    2. I did heat to set - thanks for sharing that with others. I didn't want to go through all that work and have it peel later.

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