Watercolor Picks

 What mess do I have here? Well I wanted a color swatch of some kind for my 72 water colors that I use daily. So I traced the inside of a stencil in this rectangle shape 72 times. Ya I know I need my head examined! Then I colored about half way down with each color in a rectangle. Then I used my aqua painter bush to paint the color. I wanted to see light and dark and pure shading with the pencil and with the water.
 Once the swatches were dry I wrote all the names at the bottom of the swatch, and cut them all out. The swatches are bit to small to put on a ring and I really didn't want them like that, so I opted to make them into a "stick".
 I hot glued the swatch to a popsicle stick.
 I then popped them in an old glass container I had and ooh a bouquet of watercolor sticks !
Now that makes me happy! Yep it is the little things in life - right?

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