Whip It Up Wednesday Video

It isn't midnight yet and yep it is still Wednesday. We have been going all day long and I just now sat down to do the video as promised. I thought I had one all ready to go, but noooo I deleted it by accident! Ah - its just the way life rolls sometimes. Any hootals -

This video came from a request of Nita Taylor wanting to learn how to make boxes she could put her hand made cards into. Since I was in the mode for box making I thought it was high time to show and tell.

You will need one sheet of 12"x12" double sided designer series paper and one 12"x12" solid color card stock to coordinate. Sticky Tape or Fast Fuse. Paper trimmer with cutting blade and scoring blade on it.

Box size 4 3/4" x 6" x 2" deep will fit medium size 4 1/4"x 5 1/2" cards.

Box bottom: Cut the solid card stock to 8 3/4" x 10". Score all four side at 2". Fold score line. Cut on score line to form tabs at each corner. Glue the tabs to the inside to form the box. Watch the video to see what I mean. It is easier to video it then it is to write it!

Box top: Cut the designer series paper 9" x 10 1/4". Score all four sides at 2". Fold Score lines. Cut on the score line to form tabs at each corner. Before gluing to form the corners, this would be the time to trim each side down by 1", so the box top will not be as deep as the box bottom. This will let you see the bottom color of the box on the sides. Watch the video to see what I mean here too!

Put the top of the box on the bottom of the box and admire your creative work, now fill it with hand made cards. You can use it as a gift, or just keep it for yourself to use.

Tip you can change the size of this box to anything you need. Just measure what you want to put in the box, add 1/4"-1/2" to all sides of your item, then add 1" to 2" for the sides for the box. Remember to add additional 1/8"-1/4" for the box top.

If you make the top of the box the same size as the bottom of the box it will not go on very well and bind up the bottom of the box when trying.

Hope you enjoyed the Whip It Up Wednesday Video. Remember if you have any problems, just leave me a comment or email me for any help. Have fun making lots of boxes.

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