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Breathing in the Beach

I was inspired by a journal page I saw on pintrest and thought I would like to try filling in a stack of squares to a theme. The original didn't really have a theme, and the artist had added some doodles outside the boxes as well, but I wanted to keep most in capsuled.

This puts me in the mind set of sitting on the beach and taking in all its beauty. When we visited North Carolina last year, Handsome and I walked the beach everyday. I really miss the sound, the smells, the wind off the water, the sights, the sand in my toes. I always feel balanced and at peace when near the beach. I wanted to let what is on the inside of me to stay capsuled in the squares. Kinda like it is on the inside to myself. Like hanging on to that moment or feeling forever.

The ocean is so powerful and the sound can be so overcoming, it is almost like touching the enormously of Gods love and vastness.

1 comment:

  1. Really wonderful. What a fab concept, beautifully captured here. I feel most alive when at the beach, particularly if it's breezy and the tide is in. *sigh* heaven on earth to me :D