Whip it Up Wednesday Paint Chip Video

Welcome back to Whip it Up Wednesday Video. This fun idea come from a card I saw, where else? Pintrest! So I had to try it, loved it and now really need to share it with you. For those of you who love those quick and easy fast get'r done kind of cards, this is deffently for you!
 Fall Leaves Punched
 Butterflies on smooth card stock and embossed card stock. Pearls and rhinestones added.
 Celebration cards. I especially love the circles and square confetti card.
 Snowflakes with bling perfect for Christmas.
 Once paint chip strip made these three flower cards.
 Then I got creative mixing the paint chips and creating the pansies, and then drawing stems and leaves for the cone flower card. I think these are my favorite.
These get well cards would brighten up anyone days. I used two paint chip strips for these. The center of the flowers are also in the light to dark of a color hue.

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  1. Wow, what a fabulous idea!! So quick and easy (my fave) and co-ordinated to (not my easiest), so I know what I shall be doing for my next batch of cards. Thanks Deb!! :o)