A Warm Brew

We are so in the midst of another holiday craze. Are you beginning to feel overwhelmed? I do just thinking about it sometimes. It doesn't matter how early I start each year I always feel there isn't enough time to get it all done and do and go and see and, and, and!

I am so sure Jesus doesn't want us to make ourselves crazy trying to make the holidays perfect. If the tree isn't done, or the cookies are not baked, the house is not perfectly cleaned... who cares? You? The kids? Hubby? Really dose it matter in the big picture?  Are you going to remember that there were dust bunnies for Thanksgiving dinner? NO!

What matters is taking a little time out of the craziness and sitting down with a cup of warm brew and the Good Book and spend some time with Jesus. Pray, praise, read, stop and be still with the one who thinks you are perfect and loves the way you spend your holiday with Him.

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