Tulips in Fall

 I am in the middle of taking an online watercolor class by Dion Dior. One of my most favorite watercolor artists. Anyway this is the first lesson. I love the red tulip (the green leaves/stems rock) and the purple ribbon, but that purple tulip - yikes!
I wanted to post this for those of you who that think that you could never do something like this. Oh but yes you can. It takes practice. Not everyone is a natural artist born with the gift. Most are trained, and well practiced at what they love to do. So if you are hiding behind the "I can't", get out of there and put the pencil to the paper and just draw.

Remember I am at the Putnam County Fair Grounds Craft Fair Today.


  1. These are fabulous Deb! I didn't know you were doing the class too :-)
    I've fallen behind due to school half term and now I've started my Christmas cards *sigh* Hope I can get on track again soon :o)

  2. Deb, your work is gorgeous, and I'm thrilled your enjoying the class. Hugs sweet friend. xx