We woke up to this last week! March 1st, really, more snow. Handsome measured 10.5". It should be all done and warming a bit. So what do you do when you are snowed in... craft, stamp, sew and take pictures of visitors.
 I sat on the floor in the garden room and snapped a ton of pictures of our visitors. I love my camera.  It makes me look like a pro! ha. These are shot through the glass door. Let not a pro judge them. I am happy with the outcome of the 50+ shots that I got.
I tossed out some bread crusts to get them to come in closer... yep shot and score!
 Our downy wood pecker comes every day and brings his little lady with him too. The birds just make me happy. God paints them so beautifully.
Ahh - what a day to spend inside.

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