Studio Additions

 Well I took some time and did a little garage sale shopping and antique shopping since returning home from Lisa's. She got me all hooked on it again. I swore it off for a while, not wanting to bring home anymore of any body's stuff and here I am at it again. But I found some great treasures. Plus had a blast.

The little cash drawer above was found in a pile under heaps of dust in a barn sale. I had to did it out and bring it home and the more I look at it and fill it the more I love it. It so goes perfectly with my other drawers and little shelves in my studio.

The little sewing machine is one of the pocket letter gifts from Pam and I just love it. The tiny tea cup came from our WI travels, and the little bottles are really old and collected along my way. I made the button bouquet.

 Handsome built some shelves over my smaller windows in my studio so I could add a few of my collection pieces and use for storage. Love that man. I got the pot shopping with Lisa for $8 bucks! That was a steal. As I have been looking for one and they have all been over $20. This one is in perfect shape and it was perfect to put my lace stash in it.

The folding measuring tape was only $5 and found while with Lisa too. She gave me the idea for making it into a star. She had one in her bedroom that I loved, and recently since my visit has grown to many more and added to the wall in her hallway. She so blames the star addiction on me... I only have one Lisa, not a wall full! Hahahha!

This beautiful watercolor ATC. Ahh my heart sings at this little art work. I was in an ATC swap with a theme of "wings" and I received this from my swap partner, Amber Hall from Texas. I so love it. And if you noticed it is proudly displayed above my new cash drawer. Amber also sent an amazing watercolor card that I didn't get a picture of yet, but will and will post later.

So stay tuned for more fun creative stuff to come.

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