I've been working in my sketch book doing some fun zen-dangle-ing. It is just really to pass the time without having much thought while sitting with dad. It is hard for me to get time in my studio just to play. It is mostly work prepping and designing for club. And if I spend to much time in the studio dad spends to much time sleeping. So if I set with him he will stay out of bed and sit with me.
 So I began doing this as a time passer, but have since began to make it to where I can turn these into cards. I was able to send a thank you note to Pam for my pocket letter using one of the designs.
 I use micron black ink markers in various point sizes and then fill in using jelly pens. I really like the sparkle jelly pens the best.
 I tried to come up with as many different shapes as I could think of over a few weeks of time. These in this post are just a few of them.
There is a book out there and a well know artist whom I wish I could remember her name, but it escapes me right now who I listen to a few of her you-tubes and was inspired to create my own designs and put my personality in to these.

So if you read all this you would also find another reason, (excuse) as to my missing in action for a while. It is not that I don't like blogging. I love sharing my art with you. Life just gets in the way sometimes, and Oh and.... I have to stay up till between midnight and 5AM to have strong enough broadband width to be able to do all this photo downloading and posting. So yes the big reason is I've been tired and wanting to sleep at night. Sorry.

For some reason that two hour nap I got just before bed and the cup of dessert coffee has me up and rearing to go! Oh boy! But good for you I am getting some posting done in advance and hopefully filling your days with glee.

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