Quilt Show Off

I made this quilt for Emily and Jason for Christmas this past year. Ha! I wanted to say this year.... but it is 2018, and Christmas is 3 months behind us now, and holy cow where did the last 3 months go?
Do you find time flying by? Why when you are a kid is creeps, and as an adult before you know it your 90 yrs old?

So back to quilt talk. I made this and wanted to keep it kinda contemporary, and easy so I could get it done in time. This is also the first quilt I sent out to have professionally quilted. Lisa at Unraveled Quilt Shop in Spencer Indiana quilted it for me. I was not to sure I could do the straight lines on my home machine very well. She did a great job.

I hid in plane view sight (haha) a "B" for their last name, and scripture, and of course a tag.
I really liked the fabric, and loved the finished quilt. It is the perfect curl up on the couch with a good book and cup of tea quilt.

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