What an oxy-moron holiday this year - Easter on April Fools Day, or April Fools Day on Easter. Personally if you don't believe in Jesus and Easter, in my belief there may really come a day where you were a fool for not believing.

As my dad who is dying from dementia, and a list of other aliments, said a few weeks ago, "I'm just waiting to die".  In reality we are all waiting to die, but it is what you do in the meantime that makes a difference and where you will end up at the end of your waiting.
If you do not know what will happen or where you will be going at the end of your life, listen up!  I had a friend laugh in my face when I share the story of Jesus. My friend  said to me when this life is over it is done, there is no more, you just go in the ground and that's the end of it.

Oh how I felt so sorry for him to think that he lived his life with no hope, nothing to look forward to at the end. Well my friend had a defendant end and in a very tragic way. See he was an alcoholic and facing jail time for the second time because of DUI's.

He refused the story of salvation. He refused to think that there was anything more then this nano second of life on earth. My friend died with no hope, no love, no future. My friend took his own life. It was tragic for all!

It was also tragic for God too. God lost him too. I believe in heaven and hell. God = good and Satan = bad also believe in heaven and hell. God sent his only son, Jesus, to give His life for others. The others is you and me, my friend. Jesus paid the price of your sin so you can be saved.

What dose that all mean?

My friend's sin of drinking and driving was covered by Jesus. God loved Charlie so much he gave his son Jesus to pay for the sins that Charlie did. But my friend refused to accept it. Had he asked God to save him from his sins, Charlie would have had hope in heaven and God would be waiting with open arms to welcome him in.

But he refused, so then what?

Satan was happy and laughing and mocking him into hell. Where my friend's thrust for the drink will never be satisfied. It is heart wrenching to think that my friend is in a very bad place and will be there forever more.

Please do not let this happen to you. God can save you from your sins if you let Him. Ask him into your heart, to be the Lord of your life, and to forgive you from your sins. It is so simple, you just need to believe and receive in His precious name.

Together we can walk into heaven into Jesus' open arms and be home in heaven together forever more.  I remember telling my friend, I'd rather live this nano second of a life with hope, then a life filled with nothing but these temporary present pleasures, and if I'm wrong, then so be it! But if I'm right in my belief, it would make me sad that he won't be with me in heaven.

Say this out loud to God now: God please come into your heart, be the Lord of your life. I know I am a sinner, please forgive me. In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen. 

Now contact me so I can cry and celebrate with you. Love you friend, please don't miss going to heaven with me. You are not promised a tomorrow.

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