Tool to Make Homemade Envelopes

Isn't this just beautiful. Oh my goodness. I love love love the new Simply Scored Diagonal Plate that fits over the Simply Scored Scoring Tool. You can make quick, easy, beautiful envelopes with just a bit of cutting, scoring, gluing and FUUUNNNN! So read on my dear friends and learn how wonderful this new tool is.
First Let me show you the new Simply Scored Scoring Tool a second time.

Simply Scored #122334
Price: $29.95
Take the chore out of scoring! The Simply Scored Scoring Tool’s base fits paper or card stock up to 12" x 12" and features score tracks every 1/8". Features two easy-to-read rulers (with inch markings down to 1/8") along top and left side for perfect scoring. (One standard left-to-right ruler and one zero center ruler.) Includes three markers and stylus. Bottom of base has non-marking
and nonskid feet to secure it on your work table. Base measures Approximately
15-1/8" x 13-1/4" x 1".

Once you have this little baby then you add the...
Simply Scored Diagonal Plate 125586
Price: $11.95
The Simply Scored Diagonal Plate is perfect for quickly creating handcrafted envelopes, boxes, and more! * Sits on top of the Simply Scored base * Held securely in place by rubber pads on the back of the plate * Has etched grooves every 1/8" * Can score any size card stock up to 12" x 12" * Includes instructions for creating common envelope size.

I will post a how too soon! Come back and visit ofter.


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