Welcome Ryland Cake

 Baby Buggy for Ryland. I had a cake order to fill last weekend and thought I would share. My first chocolate fondant teddy bear, and blanket. I think the bear has big buggy eyes and a funny square shaped nose, but this belly button made from a straw end is really cute!
If there was ever a cake from hell - this would be it! I had to bake the bottom layers twice. Look at that - it was all uneven, wrinkly, the bottom layer didn't rise to meat the top of the pan even, it was not fully baked after leaving it in an extra 10 minutes and tested before coming out of the oven. I won't use that dough boy cake mix anymore! The picture is no way close to what the pathetic thing really looked like - well there will nine eggs in the trash!

 I had a time matching and rematching the fondant color to the butter cream. UG! Had to clean up a wicked frosting bag explosion the size of Texas off the side of the cabinet, floor and me. Can you believe I started at 9am, had more interruptions then any one human could handle in a day, let along during a cake baking/decorating session.
My poor kitchen looked like a whirl wind hit it... I finally finished a bit after midnight! Makes me wonder why I love this craft! Clean this mess up - are you kidding.. isn't that what we have smart mouth teenagers for? I am mean, but not that mean! I clean up 90% of it, and fell in bed near 1am.
I am not your "Martha" baker!

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