Well it all started with this. Oh my what a mess..... We are well into a bathroom, back porch, living room, and kitchen remodel! Oh my I never dreamed that a little leaky toilet would end up in turning the whole house upside-down.

I can share a few before and afters with you... however there is really nothing fully finished as of yet!

 Here are the new knobs we picked out for the master bath. Pretty huh! The lighting was so different that it changed the cabinet color... really these are the same cabinets.

 Now on to the living room (great room) .....

 Looks like two different rooms, but this is really the living room, looking out to the back deck. The top door is just a regular 5" door. Nothing special, we never really used it, but to look out of the tiny windows in it. The living room has always been dark and yucky to me...

....but  as you see below we now have this amazing 10" telescoping door. Wow, the room is light and bright. The windows are amazing. I love love love it.

And you see it is not finished yet, we get to paint, trim, clean.... oh and looking out those windows you can see the mess that is going on, on the porch... and that green thing in the middle of the yard out there... yes it is a tub!

Stay tuned as there is much much more to come. Till then... this is our view of our bathroom!
Nothing! Just a big ol' dusty mess every where, and stuff stashed ever where, and the trips to Lowe's, Menard's, Home Depot are a mounting!

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