The building remodel, repair continues...... A New Roof

I know this isn't all that exciting for most.... but I had to show you our new pretty roof! Since when did roof get to be pretty? Ha! I am such a nerd sometimes.
So here is the before.... dirty, streaky, ugly, boring.
and the After...... pretty amazing! It kinda reminds me of a shake roof. I have always loved shake roofs, but they are not so good to use in Indiana due to our beautiful freezing white winters. This one has a life time warranty, yippee!
We had a new air conditioner/ heater put in to0. Yicks! I really didn't think you wanted to see pictures of that. But is sure works great, and the new thermostat can be set by my i pad. Oh boy now I am really living like the "in" crowd! heeheehee

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