Carry Overs

You can still get a few great items from the Holiday Catalog. So if you think you missed out, check out the list to see.....
Stamp Sets
14515342À moitié pleins (FR) Clear Set$22.00 USD/$29.00 CAD
14499942Half Full Clear Set$22.00 USD/$29.00 CAD
14499642Half Full Wood Set$30.00 USD/$40.00 CAD
14552639Ensemble à Noël (FR) Clear Set$21.00 USD/$28.00 CAD
14541639Hearts Come Home Clear Set$21.00 USD/$28.00 CAD
14541339Hearts Come Home Wood Set$29.00 USD/$38.00 CAD
14496745Labels to Love Clear Set$21.00 USD/$28.00 CAD
14497045Labels to Love Wood Set$29.00 USD/$38.00 CAD
14503426Nuit à Bethléem (FR) Clear Set$21.00 USD/ $28.00 CAD
14528226Night In Bethlehem Clear Set$21.00 USD/ $28.00 CAD
14480926Night In Bethlehem Wood Set$29.00 USD/$38.00 CAD
14516949Récolte au pinceau (FR) Photopolymer Set$21.00 USD/ $26.00 CAD
14478349Painted Harvest Photopolymer Set$21.00 USD/ $26.00 CAD
1450447Prêts pour Noël (FR) Photopolymer Set$27.00 USD/ $33.00 CAD
144823 7Ready for Christmas Photopolymer Set$27.00 USD/ $33.00 CAD
14494847Seasonal Chums Clear Set$21.00 USD/ $28.00 CAD
14494547Seasonal Chums Wood Set$29.00 USD/$38.00 CAD
14503835Souhaits en rafales (FR) Clear Set$22.00 USD/$29.00 CAD
14482034Snowflake Sentiments Clear Set$22.00 USD/$29.00 CAD
14481734Snowflake Sentiments Wood Set$30.00 USD/$40.00 CAD
14582944Envelopes 3x3$9.00 USD/ $11.75 CAD
14474837Foil Sheets Champagne$4.00 USD/ $5.25 CAD
1446875Big Shot Quilt Top TIEF$8.50 USD/ $11.25 CAD
14468546Big Shot Seasonal Tags Framelits$29.00 USD/$38.00 CAD
1446796Big Shot Thinlits Christmas Staircase$39.00 USD/ $51.00 CAD
14467835Big Shot Swirly Snowflakes Edgelits$30.00 USD/$40.00 CAD
14467626Big Shot Bethlehem Edgelit$32.00 USD/$42.00 CAD
14466811Punch Everyday Label$18.00 USD/$23.50 CAD
14466749Punch Leaf$16.00 USD/$21.50 CAD
14466653Punch Cat $18.00 USD/$23.50 CAD
14464544Mini Pizza Boxes$6.00 USD/$8.00 CAD
14463129Ribbon Solid 1/8" Real Red$7.00 USD/$9.25 CAD
14462813Clear Acetate Boxes (NA)$6.50 USD/$8.50 CAD
14467138Big Shot Edgelits Hometown Greetings$32.00 USD/$42.00 CAD

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