I know its past Christmas, but I had to share this picture with you. This is my baby Penny. I don't think she liked her hat! We rescued her this past March and she is the sweetest, happiest, best girl ever.

Okay Okay - this is a crafting blog, not a dog blog. Sorry for the bragging on my baby.. wait no I am not sorry - you just may see more of Penny as I blog along.

So looks whats coming! Yep Valentine's day. Everyone favorite hallmark holiday without the paid day off status. The black Friday for flower shops, chocolate shops, and card shops.

 I have always love Valentine's day. I may have mentioned that before. But I love to show people love. It is a curse gift, a gift that God gave me... handsome thinks its a curse sometimes! I love the heart shape too.

My favorite color has always been pink and purple, but now I am really loving the color red. I think it is because of my baby "Rose".  This is Rose, by Shasta Trailer.

Oh goodness I am getting off subject. It is so time to go to bed. My tea has gotten cold and its freezing in my studio where I am madly typing this with freezing hands....

So back to colors - pink, purple and red are the perfect Valentine colors....  Not colors, back to status card. Ya most of the stuff is retired - go figure, but you can still order the amazing glitter paper - that I love and horde. I have so many little tiny pieces of glitter paper saved so I can punch out little tiny circles for snow or spots or what ever..... It nuts! But you don't want to waste that sparkle right?

And this Brushstrokes Background Stamp

Brushstrokes  Wood-Mount $20  Clear -Mount $15
Great idea above. Ink the stamp with a dauber starting with the lightest color of ink first and then moving to the med color, then darkest color. Stamping it you will get the three tones in one stamp.

I used real red ink on my Valentine card and didn't re-ink when stamping the second time in the cross wise, this gave it a gingham look. Did I mention I love gingham fabric....  that's for another days story.

Glitter paper comes in Silver, Gold, Diamonds and Red $5 pk 2 12x12 sheets

And we now have a new pack of 6x6 Myths and Magical Glitter Paper $15 pk 24
So click on the above highlighted underlined links to order 24/7 on my web site. Remember something great for FREE with $50. And prize from me if you check to share your contact info  with me. No worries, I won't share you info or bother you - just what to send a little thank you gift in the mail for your order.


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