A Couple of Paintings

This started out as a project for Em to complete for art for her room.... well mom got to finish it. The top painting had the blob and the sections with some "other things" on it.... I left the blob shape just added some finishing touches to it. And painted over the "other things" to come up with this. She loved it, and hated me for making it better... so she said!
This next painting was her idea of the roots growing out of the keyboard... except my roots don't really look like they are growing out of the key board. I so enjoyed painting this one. The day to night and the season blends was so fun. In the open space we want to put a verse or saying or some kind of wisdom or such, and can't think of anything. Maybe you can help with that? I would love to get it finish before she graduates college in 3.5 years! ha! 

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