Welcome to The Stamp Pad! How did the name come about. I had a contest with my stamping friends (customers) and between them and Emily (our daughter) we came up with "The Stamp Pad". I think Emily was thinking it would be great to have a "pad" like from the 70's! I am so blessed to have a room for my stamping craze and friends. I took over our 2 car garage. My dear hubby painted it for me in my favorite  Stampin Up color - certainly celery. I bought remnants of carpet for the floor.
 A place to hang your coat and for me to put your orders when in. I painted the candle stand. Boxes came from the dollar store. The garage door is locked and latched so no accidents of opening it will happen. My sweetie builT the shelf for me. Great guy huh!
 The shelves are from Wal-Mart, I ordered more shelves for more storage. The paper stacker is from K-Log (on-line store). I put two colors on each shelf and the plastic bags hold the scraps. The cubbie boxes are Ikea and my sweet son put them all together for me. Thanks Shawn. Love them.
 The inks are in a rack that one of my stamping friends grandpa made and sales. AWESOME huh! The brown storage boxes hold wheels, inks, envelops, cello bags, cutting tools, embellishments, and just stuff. The boxes came from a office supply place on sale and really I got them for FREE. I used my Stampin Up Visa great reward card to purchase them and the office chair! Oh Ya! Stampin Up Rocks! the canning cars all have ribbons bits in it and the box holder thing is a frame that my dad built to ship a stained glass piece to me. I liked the wooden box, so I stained it and found a great use for it. the white container under the table houses my punches. I need another one.... Stampin Up keeps coming up with more really awesome punches.
This is the cutting station. And a upper shelf for yes... more ribbon. I love ribbon. Oh and my big shot too! Under the table is a filing cabinet and travel bags for workshops/crops.
The tables and chairs came from Sam's. We put in six over head lighting and more electric plugs along both outer walls.
 Yes you can say Happiness! It makes everyone happy to come to The Stamp Pad. Join us sometime for great classes and clubs.

Well since these above pictures have been posted The Stamp Pad has gone through some changes....

 2007 This picture above is a mess, and I am almost embarrassed to show it... however ya got to see this counter top and drawers. This was in one of the spare bedrooms till we adopted our youngest daughter and had to move it all. So my father in law and handsome shaved a bit off the bottom of the drawers so the counter top would sit level and this fabulous counter top extends almost the whole length of the garage wall. Lots of work room and everything is within arms reach. My sewing machine and fabric stash/supplies are housed at the other end of this.

Aug 2012: These amazing drawers and counter top came out of my mom's stamp room. It is a nice reminder of her and her love of stamping too. My dear father in law and handsome also worked these in to one end of the garage. Wow the work space that this gives me now! I have room to craft anything now. One end is for my painting projects and the other is for cutting and my Big shot.

Oct 2012: We added a new window. One to let light in, two to see what was going on on that side of the house and to see the drive-way a bit better, and three for a window air conditioner in the summer time. Below that window is portable fire place to warm the room in the winters... Oh love it!

Skip ahead to 2013 and have we ever made some changes to The Stamp Pad. We took out the garage door. I was so hesitant to do it, and now that it is done I cannot figure out why I didn't give the okay to do it sooner. Wow what a difference. It is so amazing!
 Here is the finished front of the garage where to big door used to be. We added two huge windows, so I have natural light to work in. The little shelf was for the computer and printer, but it didn't fit so it is now for the TV and stuff.

 Here are my moms same lower cabinets, and we added the uppers. The one in the middle is a bit tall, but that is to hide the electrical box.Oh there is stuff in the taller cabinet, waste no space in here!
Well these punch holders are just about the best thing I have ever come across. I am so happy with them and the fact that they fit at the end of the closet so there are kinds hidden. After getting them up and filled I still have punches.... maybe it is time for a clearance sale???
This is one cubbie shelf I am super happy with. My dad, father-in-law, handsome and myself all had a hand in it. I designed it. Then the men prepped the cedar from the wood pile, sawed, and hammered. I sanded and Bob hung. My room smells amazing too.

More to come soon......