Folded Pocket

Well I said I would share this - it is just a little later then I had planned. This is the pocket (of a different design) that was on our 4th of July table. You will need any size and any color of a square card stock. I used 8 x 8". Stamp one or two sides of the paper - your choice. I only did one side to make quick work of the project. Here is my one side stamped.
Fold one corner to corner with the stamp side on the inside of the fold and crease well.
Fold the top layer corner down to the straight folded edge.
Fold the right side corner under the flap that you just folded. Crease well and glue down.
So the same for the left side. Crease well.
Fold the top corner layer down over the glued points. Glue in place. Decorate as desired. I just added a simple little ditty. But you can be a grand as grand gets with the decorating. Have fun with it. I will post a few more ideas using this idea soon.  Enjoy!

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