Clothes Line Baskets

I have found a new craft after a fun shopping day with my dear friend Debbie Rempe. We went to a little quilt shop and oh my did I find some great new stuff to play with. These baskets are so fun to make. They are a little time consuming, but so worth it. You can find many videos on line to learn how. But as easy as it is I will tell ya anyway. You take clothes line and wrap scrap fabric 1" strips around the clothes line, pin it to hold it, coil it up and zig-zag the wrapped line together. You can make pot holders, coasters, bowls and baskets of any size and shape. As you can see I have gone a little crazy in making a few... But they are future gifts for loved ones. Stay connected to my blog by signing up to get email feed and in the near future I will post a tutorial for you. Enjoy!


  1. I love clothsline baskets too. Thank you for sharing your ideas. They are beautiful!

    1. Thank You Cheryl. I am happy you enjoyed the post.

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