Scissor Pocket

Another little gift out of the felted wool gift from Janice Rowe. I cut the black pocket out and then added a little piece of felted wool to the tip to keep the scissor point from poking through. Little scraps of vintage lace. I backed the pocket with gray felted wool for stability. The ribbon has a bit of velcro on it and the other piece of velcro is placed in the center of the finger hole on the pocket. This will keep them from falling out when not in use. (I hope) Since this is the first one and I didn't use a pattern - I am pretty proud of it - yet another gift I love so much would like to keep it for myself! I hand sewed everything, and it took just a few hours to complete. You want one too? Well I can fill special orders. $15 (+ shipping) Just email me for your order. (scissors not included)

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