Ruffled T-Shirt Dress

 My granddaughter will look so cute in this T-Shirt Dress. I took 2 strips of fabric two and half times the width of the t-shirt bottom, one 4" wide and one 6" wide. I sewed the lengths together to make a ring, hemmed one edge,  and layered them together at the unfinished edge and ran a gathering stitch along the top edge. Gathered it up and sewed it to the inside of the t-shirt edge. Iron it so it would lay nicely. Tied a little red bow and hand sewed to center top of neckline.
 For the little hand bag, I cut 4 - 5"x 7" fabric pieces. 2- 5" x7" pieces of heavy interfacing, to give the hand bag a little body. Iron in the interfacing, Sew in the zipper. Add the strap. Cut strap to choice of length and width. With right sides together and strap hidden between the right sides, OPEN ZIPPER (very important step) Sew the 2 sides and bottom, then zig zag raw edges. Turn, press and you have little hand bag! Hand sew on the bow.

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